What Happens When You Pass Your Due Date?

If you don’t go into labor until past your due date, never fear! It’s actually very normal to do this. In fact, the due date that you were given originally by the doctor is an estimation of when you’ll give birth. If it is a few days or a week past when you thought you’d deliver, know that you’ll be giving birth very soon.

Here is what happens when you pass your due date:

The doctor or midwife becomes more involved in monitoring the baby.

If you’ve reached the 40-week mark and still haven’t delivered, the medical professional will be checking up on you and your child more often.

  • They’ll want to make sure that the amniotic fluid level is adequate and that the baby’s heart rate and weight are where they should be.
  • The larger a baby is, the harder it becomes to deliver them vaginally. If you will need to be induced, the doctor or midwife will send you to the hospital right away to ensure that you’re able to safely give birth to your baby without complications.

You may be induced for safety reasons.

Although it isn’t a concern if a baby is smaller than eight pounds, there is still a risk of the child being stillborn.

  • It doesn’t occur often but becomes a greater concern once you’ve reached the 40th week of pregnancy.
  • If your cervix is already dilated, you’ll have no problem being successfully induced.
  • This prevents you from needing to have a C-section to deliver the baby. You’ll be able to deliver the child vaginally without issue.


Wait until the doctor tells you its time to deliver.

In many cases, you’ll simply need to be patient. Even though the anticipation of delivering is high, it will be over with before you know it.

  • Enjoy the extra time you spend pregnant.
  • Engage in some much-needed self-care. When your baby is born, you’ll seldom be alone.
  • Enjoy a nice bubble bath, give yourself a soothing belly massage, listen to some beautiful music, and think about how wonderful life with baby will be once he or she arrives.

It’s a moment to reflect, rest, and relax.

Passing your due date may be alarming at first, but it’s actually nothing to worry about.

It’s an estimate of when the child will be born, not a guarantee. If your due date passes, use the time to catch up on rest, pen thank you notes for baby shower gifts, and even start a baby book. There are many productive ways to spend your time before your child arrives, so enjoy it while you can because soon, you’ll have a little person to think about.

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