Hip Pain Caused by Pregnancy: What You Need to Know.

Hip pain can be debilitating — especially when you are tasked with carrying a baby. The extra pressure and strain on your joints causes hip pain that pregnant women often misdiagnose and neglect to seek treatment for.


Hip pain is a condition that millions of Americans face. Pregnancy can aggravate the hip pain that you were already dealing with, or you could find yourself with a newly acquired affliction. Around 20% of pregnant women report experiencing hip pain specifically during pregnancy, typically persistent on the outside of their hip, upper thigh, or outer buttocks.



If you are unsure about the source and severity of your hip pain, see your physician as soon as possible.

Your doctor will examine your hip area to look for areas that are tender, painful, and/or swollen. You will also be asked to stand, lift your leg, and rotate it (to demonstrate your full range of motion). Your physician may even order additional tests — such as an X-RAY, CAT scan, or MRI — to further diagnose your problem, as well as a blood test to see if you have elevated levels of certain antibodies.



Hip pain comes from various sources during pregnancy. Most women start to develop the joint pain during the second trimester, right as you start to develop a “baby bump.”

  • The change in your walking style, the loosening of your ligaments holding together the sacroiliac joints, and sleeping on your side later in pregnancy all can add to hip pain.

Another cause is pressure on your sciatic nerve, formally called Sciatica.

Sciatica can cause:

  • pain;
  • numbness, and/or tingling in the buttocks, hips, and thigh.

This is where appointments with your physician are especially useful, as Sciatica can lead to serious complications.


One of the most affordable and effective ways to treat your hip pain is to purchase and use an abdominal binder. These binders have also been known to help hip pain after birth, as you can adjust the abdominal binder for your new baby-free belly. To learn more about the benefits of wearing an abdominal binder here.

  • Stretching,
  • heat therapy, and
  • prenatal massages can help relieve pain as well.

Listen to your body and listen to what works for you and your baby.


Most pregnant women experience worsening hip pain as their pregnancy furthers along. If you are at a point where the pain is unbearable, see your physician for treatment. The added stress should be alleviated as quickly as possible so that your hip pain will not develop into something worse.


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